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Vacuum Extraction for Non-Destructive Digging


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Non-destructive digging (NDD), also known as potholing or vacuum extraction, is a safer and less disruptive method of excavation than shovels, excavators, or post hole borers. It is widely recognised as the safest means of excavation in areas of other underground assets.

To pothole, we use high pressure water to break the surface and create a small entry point into the ground. A powerful vacuum unit mounted on the back of a trailer can then remove the soil from the entry point and safely expose the location of buried utilities with minimal disruption to surrounding pipes and cables.

It is an ideal method for exposing critical utilities after they have been located using ground penetrating radar, and the most accurate and reliable means of confirming exact size, location, depth and identity of pipes and cables.

Benefits of Non-Destructive Digging

Less Risk of Damage to Utilities

The water is used at a pressure and volume that is highly unlikely to cause damage to buried utilities, whilst vacuum extraction will not damage pipes and cables

Savings on Time and Cost

Non Destructive Digging (NDD) offers utility companies and contractors significant savings in time and cost due to the speed at which vacuum excavation can be undertaken. Hand digging is eliminated, and work in higher traffic areas can be more effectively planned improving work flow and reducing project delays.

Greater Confidence

Physically locating the underground pipes and cables allows construction of above and below-ground infrastructure to be carried out with confidence.

Safer for Personnel

The use of vacuum excavation greatly reduces risk of injury to personnel as there is no need for hand digging and consequently the potential for injury from damaged utilities like power is significantly reduced.

Contact GPR Scanning Perth today to discuss how you might utilise this cost effective method for the benefit of your project.

Our Services

  • 3D and 2D scanning of concrete
  • Concrete testing to help detect weaknesses like delamination, tanking and honeycombing
  • Location of cables in concrete
  • Location of utilities like electrical conduits, plastic and copper pipes
  • Location of structural elements like PT cables, rebar and reo mesh (reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bars) in suspended slabs
  • Non-destructive digging using vacuum extraction
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