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Specialising in cable and utility location using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Service Locating

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Perth, WA

Cable and utility locating Perth

We use 2 types of RADARS to locate services; a 500 MHZ antenna for services up to 2 metres and for services deeper than 2 metres we use a 400 MHZ antenna.

The following is a short description of the process we use for service locating:

  • Complete a TRA (Task Risk Assessment)
  • Consult drawings and site plants that are available (If you don’t have any or you wish to obtain the drawings from the Dial Before You Dig database then call us and we will provide what is available for you.) It is wise to obtain these before you hire us.
  • Mark our findings on the ground and on a site drawing
  • Prepare a detailed report, should it be required
Locating power - electrical conduit

Perth, WA

Our Services

  • 3D and 2D scanning of concrete
  • Concrete testing to help detect weaknesses like delamination, tanking and honeycombing
  • Location of cables in concrete
  • Location of utilities like electrical conduits, plastic and copper pipes
  • Location of structural elements like PT cables, rebar and reo mesh (reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bars) in suspended slabs
  • Non-destructive digging using vacuum extraction
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Specialists in Concrete Scanning and Testing, Perth, WA

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