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Specialising in cable and utility location using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Concrete Cutting & Drilling

United coring and sawing – the safe way

Core Drilling

Core drilling is a method of penetrating through concrete slabs or walls using a drill with a hollow barrel tipped with industrial diamonds.

United have experienced and friendly operators ready to bring you the right drilling solution anywhere in Perth and surrounds. Their flexibility and reliability ensure that your job will be completed efficiently and safely.

We work with Husqvarna, Tyrolit and Shibuya drills, which gives us the capability to drill holes from 16mm to 600mm diameter. We have the right gear to handle all manner of concrete thickness and density in slabs and walls.

Our clients range from construction and mining companies to electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning contractors. Whatever your problem that needs resolving, it is unlikely that we will have never seen it before.

Our team is focused on safety, and we provide services to the Perth city and surrounds and across Western Australia.

Our team are flexible and reliable ensuring that your job will be completed efficiently and safely. 

Core Samples & Testing

In conjunction with our concrete inspection and analysis service, we take core samples for testing at a NATA accredited lab. Here a full range of concrete tests can be undertaken including:

  • Determination of compressive strength and density
  • Determination of concrete age
  • Depth of carbonation of concrete
  • Chemical analysis
  • Water/gas permeability
  • Petrographic analysis
  • ASHTO Chloride permeability test

Core samples must be taken in accordance with acceptable standards. We always give the necessary attention to detail that is required for the extraction and preparation of concrete samples.

Testing at the lab

Perth, WA

Concrete Cutting

We can meet all of your concrete cutting and chasing needs with our experienced, safety conscious operators and market-leading equipment.

Concrete saws are power tools for cutting through dense, solid materials like concrete, brick, masonry and tile. Working alongside our GPR scanning unit, we provide the complete concrete cutting solution.

Cutting technologies have been improving rapidly in recent years as equipment has become safer and more manageable. Having invested in market leading equipment and productive technologies we pass those gains on to our clients through more cost-effective services, meaning greater flexibility on the job.

For all those advances in productivity, safety remains essential with concrete cutting equipment. All of our operators require intensive on the job training before working independently, and every job follows our own strict risk assessment procedures. They are also trained in the methods and equipment needed to control and minimise the large amounts of dust and particles produced by concrete sawing.

But whatever you do – don’t forget to scan before you cut! Scan it first.

Concrete Cutting & Sawing

Floor Sawing (Horizontal)

Floor sawing refers to concrete cutting on flat, horizontal surfaces like concrete slabs, brick paving and bitumen. We have a range of concrete floor saw sizes that gives us the capability to provide solutions for most project requirements.
Our equipment enables us to cut your concrete to your exact specifications, to a maximum depth of 500mm. Ours saws are also fume-free, making them suitable for environments like shopping centres and hospitals.
We utilise two types of saws:

Hand Held Saw – A hand held concrete saw is small and portable enabling precise sawing with minimal overcut. They have a maximum cutting depth of 260mm and the standard blades are 3mm wide, although 6mm blades can be procured on request.

Walk Behind Saw – A walk behind saw is powered by a diesel or electric motor and cuts to a depth of 600mm. Standard blades are 3mm in width, but up to 18mm wide blades can be procured on request.
Applications of floor cutting saws include:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion joints in concrete slabs
  • Cutting induction loops
  • Cutting penetrations for plumbing, electrical and other services
  • Cutting tilt panels
Wall Sawing (Vertical)

We utilize a circular saw on a track mounted machine to cut large, clear openings for doors, windows and passages through walls and vertical surfaces of concrete, brick and other materials including limestone. We can also make concrete cuts to facilitate wall removal and expansion of internal spaces.

Wall sawing typically utilizes a track mounted saw so that cuts can be made with the highest precision. This is because wall sawing typically requires cutting along exact dimensons such as the following applications:

  • Vertical cutting for doorways & windows
  • Service vents
  • Large diameter pipes
  • Controlled demolition of structures

Our Services

  • 3D and 2D scanning of concrete
  • Concrete testing to help detect weaknesses like delamination, tanking and honeycombing
  • Location of cables in concrete
  • Location of utilities like electrical conduits, plastic and copper pipes
  • Location of structural elements like PT cables, rebar and reo mesh (reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bars) in suspended slabs
  • Non-destructive digging using vacuum extraction
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Specialists in Concrete Scanning and Testing, Perth, WA

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